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Leeds & West Yorkshire CFS/ME Service

Contact us

CFS/ME Service
Therapy Suite
1st Floor
The Newsam Centre
Seacroft Hospital
York Road
LS14 6WB (Map)

Tel: 0113 8556330/1/4 
FAX: 0113 8556337 

Our service operates Monday - Friday, 08.30 - 16.30 hours.

About our service

What is the Leeds & West Yorkshire Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) Service?

We are a specialist NHS service for people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). Our service is for adults over 17 years.

Our individual treatment plans and different options for treatment help people make sense of their condition and work towards recovery.

Our service provides:

  • 90 minute assessments by a specialist team and we devote time to gain a shared understanding of your condition
  • Individual or group programmes to help you recover
  • The opportunity for you to access a range of professionals, including 14 qualified NHS clinicians
  • Liaison with your GP during your recovery
  • Different options for treatment, including home-based rehabilitation and home visits for people whose lives are severely affected by CFS/ME
  • Consultations and advice by video conferencing and telephone if needed
  • A private online forum for people who use our service
  • Consistently good outcomes to improve your quality of life. Our high patient satisfaction results show we are valued by people who use our service.


The aims of our service are to:

  • improve your quality of life – people say we are giving them their lives back
  • help you on a journey towards recovery 
  • help you to continue in education and work if this is important to you
  • help you understand your condition
  •  involve and support your carers, family and friends too


The team:

Our service is provided by a team of professionals, all with specialist expertise and includes:

  • Doctors
  • Occupational therapists
  • Nurse
  • Clinician lead and matron
  • Dietician
  • Cognitive behavioural therapist
  • Physiotherapist


We are supported by a team of administrative staff. We also value the input and involvement of former patients and carers, who make a unique contribution, as volunteers, to developing our service.

What people say about our service:

  • "Service is of an extremely high standard. Extremely professional. Their knowledge of CFS/ME is very good. The treatment works."
  • "The service has helped me to acknowledge and come to terms with my condition."
  • "The group sessions have helped me to identify what I can do to manage the condition."
  • "Comprehensive service. Helpful dealing with workplace and related issues. Flexible with number of appointments and ability to make more as necessary."
  • "Every session I’ve attended whether it be face to face or by telephone I‘ve always been treated so respectfully. The advice I’ve been given has always proved to be helpful. The sessions made me realise that there is a plan we can implement to make life easier”  
  • "My wife has been treated with respect and empathy. The service has been very beneficial for her. The appointment system  is very efficient. She has been shown techniques and life models that have transformed our lives. She has only been discharged when ready meaning she hasn’t been rushed in any way”


Patient satisfaction summary

For 2015-16 from those who have completed therapy in the service (n=67).

How can I arrange an assessment

You need to be referred to the service by your GP or another health professional involved in your care. They will need to make a referral to us that include the recent blood tests and essential information we require.

If you live outside Leeds, we need to request funding from your CCG following the referral from your GP.

There is no test to tell whether someone has CFS/ME. The diagnosis, therefore, is largely dependent upon the history of the symptoms and exclusion of other causes or conditions that cause similar symptoms. We make sure that other illnesses have been excluded by the GP or other health professional involved in your care, before we offer an assessment.  This will mean you having some routine tests such as blood tests, before referral to the service.

We then write to you to request that you contact us to arrange a suitable time to come for the initial assessment. You will be offered an appointment within 13 weeks from the date we receive the referral.

Area covered

Typically, our referrals come from Leeds and surrounding areas in Yorkshire, but we do accept referrals from outside this area if you can travel.

Professionals making a referral

Click here to open our referral form

Completed forms should be posted, faxed or emailed to the address above.

Click here to open our primary care booklet